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Written By: xosimmy

If you dont know who Ramriddlz is, youre gonna get familiar real soon…”

And by real soon, I mean right after you finish reading this long awaited introduction to one of my favorite artists out right now.

Back in May 2015, a low quality snippet of a new Drake song leaked on the internet, where he was heard harmonizing over a hypnotizing beat. Most of the fandom couldnt recognize if it was an original instrumental or a remix, but theres nothing the Drake section on KTT (kanyetothe.com) cant find out. Investigations led detectives/fans to a young boys SoundCloud, where only one song was uploaded, titled, Sweeterman.

That was how most, including myself, discovered the 22 year old Mississauga native, Ramy, better known as Ramriddlz. Even though Toronto/Mississauga locals claim Sweeterman was already a local hit in their city, its undeniable that Drakes co-sign is what really helped mold the start of Ramys career.

The official Drake Sweeterman Remix didn’t release until August 2015, but Ramriddlz had already built a fan base by releasing his first EP, P2P, an acronym for the phrase, pussy too pink”—produced mainly by his best friend and right hand man, Jaegan.

If you think the name of his EP was weird and humorous, wait till you hear the lyrics to his songs. The EP contains a total of 7 songs, and despite the fans declaring it a classic, Ramy himself isnt much of a fan of it as he feels it was rushed. 

If you ever wondered why all of a sudden everyone is making songs that are hip-hop but dancehall based, Ramriddlz is your answer (not Drake). Ramy’s genre is the bridge that flawlessly covers the gap between R&B, hip-hop, and dancehallalso yes, he did it first.

I remember listening to Sweeterman on repeat for days and before I could even dish out a judgment, I realized I was already a fan. When that realization dawned on me, I was very tempted to make the whole world listen to this odd human being who was sort of like a genius. So, I texted my close friend, who was also very opinionated about music, and asked him to give Sweeterman a listen. As expected, he listened and texted me back a “LMAOOOOOOOO.

I mean can you blame him? This guy Ramy literally says, “she cant handle me, shes a screamer, she cant handle my wiener, in his first song ever. But thats what makes him, him. He told FADER in an interview, Every time someone hears my music theyre like, Is this a joke? Did he really say that?’”

But that’s the problem with people who listen to Ramriddlz for lyrical content only. And that was the problem with my friend as well. So I asked him to try to ignore the lyrics, and focus on the insane melodies this guy was delivering. And so, he gave it another try, listened to the EP as well and texted me a week later, raving about Crash being his favorite song. Ram-melodic-riddlz is what I like to personally call him, and Im sure Drake agrees, for he incorporated two of Rams songs in his remix as well.  

Off of the Drake co-sign and the recognition of P2P by more open-minded fans, Ramriddlz started doing shows in cities like LA, NYC, Toronto and his hometown of Mississauga. Besides the humorous lyrics, Ramy is also famous for his funny dance moves that he tends to create himself. To see them first hand, watch his video for Sweeterman I promise it will make your day.

Its hard to be as care-free and independent as Ramy in this music industry, where most artists try to hide behind a solid front to gain popularity. Ramriddlz did it by simply being himself by embracing the slang spoken in his hometown and by showcasing the diversity in Canadian cities through his music (he often speaks Patois and Arabic in his songs).

Being a fan from the jump, I have met Ramriddlz twicea year ago at his NYC pop-up shop and recently in January when he did his first NYC show at SOBs. For the non-believers and haters, I can confirm that his personality is definitely not a facadehe really is that way, and I couldnt love it more.

Im too sweet to be salty how to deal with negativity 101 by RamRod.

Since the release of P2P, Ramy consistently delivered music for his growing fan base, and everybody unanimously agreed that every song was a tune. In early 2016, he released what I think was his breakthrough song, Bodmon.

Produced by RJF and Sevn Thomas, Bodmon properly defines Ramriddlz as an artist. Its catchy, hes speaking Arabic, hes talking about smoking weed, and on top of that, its relatable. My Twitter timeline was filled with, Girl Im only 21, Im just tryna have some fun, at a certain point.

And others can say whatever they want, but in my opinion, nobody can come up with better sexual innuendoes than Ramy—sexual entendre connoisseur, if were being honest. Just check his Twitter.

Ramy later dropped Hey Mr. Ramrod, another track that only elevated his position in the game. A song that no matter where you play it, it’s going to make you want to move, even in your seat.

Both of those songs are featured on his second EP, Venis, that dropped March 18th, 2016. Some think Venis wasn’t as satisfying as P2P, and I believe there was also a lot of mixing issues when it was first dropped (due to pressure from fans asking for it, it was also rushed). However, I enjoy both equally, and spent the summer listening to Venis for vibes, of course.

I believe I have written enough about this sweeterman, now it’s your turn to listen and rate him for yourselves.

Both P2P & Venis, plus the rest of his collabs and songs can be found on his Soundcloud:


Currently my favorite (Ramy) song is H2O. 



If you enjoyed it, support him on iTunes as well!




p.s. my apologies for being gone so long (@chrixtophwalsh), but imagine being a perfectionist and procrastinatingthats my life. but now its less procrastinating& questioning, more doing.