Gwan Read Up Urself

One of my favorite artists from OVO released their debut album! 20 years young Roy Woods released his anticipated debut album “Waking At Dawn on July 1st. His previous work includes an EP called “Exis” which was released last summer. “Waking At Dawn feels as though it’s a more mature sequel of his EP. 

Waking At Dawn begins with “Sonicboom” this track is filled with slurred words and a spacy production. The first couple of bars talk about how Roy takes Xanax to deal with his depression and repressed feelings. The song goes more in depth about him getting too high and losing sight of the person he loves, but turns out that person is super cold hearted and doesn’t care about Roy nor his feelings. You Love It continues the story from the previous track of Roy being in love with somebody who doesn’t care about him, but only for the material things he offered, and the opportunities he brings. The beginning of the album talks about being in love with a person who wants nothing from you but only what you can offer them. Basically offering yourself emotionally and being vulnerable for a person who wants nothing from you.

The second half of the album switches to a sentimental setting and reminiscing about what happens during a relationship; from getting high at 4:27 in the night, and all the deep-rooted emotions tied into each hit. Looking back on those nights you spent believing you were in love, when it was just an illusion and thinking “its not the same anymore”. Roy puts you in your feels even if you don’t want to be. His lyrics make you embody his emotions and allow you to create your own story or vision through his music.

This album embodies Roy’s emotions into an album. It’s filled with sexual tension, murky beats, and emotional lyrics. In a way I can relate with Roy, everybody has been fucked over in some way or another. Walking At Dawn’s underlying theme is relationships. Doesn’t have to be in a romantic setting to relate.