For Valentine's Day

Where I come from,

They don't believe in love.

Courtesy of,

The community of,

incarcerated hearts,

And moans,

from desperate housewives like-

'Shit. my love life Is tough'.

But where I'm going

Has an abyss of kisses.

We'll Kiss till it's bliss

And the nights bones will stay stiff

While we jump off a cliff,

and land on the embrace

of amour and relish.

Darling your carbon dioxide is what I inhale.

I get a sugar rush.

Through these leaves

That will never leave this branch

As it dearly holds on for love.

See I suffocate without your breath,

Because my roots feed off

the succulent Juice

you footprint upon our soil.

it's your lava that erupts

And warms this pyramid of your gems-

My heart.

Darling, the blood in my vessels flow for you

Like the fluent flow of a midnight ball gown,

See life is effortless with you.

This engine systematically pumps for you,

Its Fueled by your ethereal essence.

Next to you, divine is sexy

like puberty in an adolescent.

I rip my heart out, place on the table

While we dine and get lost in tender talk like it's a crime.

Where I come from is a lost memory.

As where I am with you is for eternity

Fanta Isatou Gai.