The Purple Unicorn Is Back

I was strictly jamming to old school hip-hop, and indie music, until I stumbled upon “You Don’t Know” by the R&B singer and Brooklyn native, Justine Skye. The song features star Nigerian artist, Wiz kid. I was annoyed in the beginning. At myself obviously, because I had realized that I had been living under a rock since the release date of this track, September 9th! Frankly, it has been a while since I fell in love with a song at first listen.

The creative R&B intertwined with afro-centric rhythm had me on my feet. It is unarguable that Roc Nation added some fairy dust to this new record with Skye. Her upcoming album seems very promising.Through this song, Justine proves that she has matured since her Atlantic Record days, and has a fresher, and more intense viewpoint on love.  The track approaches the complications of being in love and relationship drama. Exhibiting her massive voice, she expresses the pain of being cheated on, thus remaining in denial about it for the fear of getting hurt.

I’m afraid it’ll hurt when I finally fall down. Cause the weight of my world is in the palm of your hands now.” She complains to her lover who is ignorant towards the anguish he is causing her. She follows up with a burst of emotion in her chorus as she repeats, but you don’t know itthe bass fully kicks in, the song reaches new heights.

You Don’t Know,” reminds me of a lyric poem. Rendering a strong romantic yet disappointed, mood many people can relate to. The song makes you feel like egging your ex’s car as it executes a feisty aura. Written by Kevin gates, You don’t know shares similarity (in message) with Beyoncé’s Pray you catch me also written by Gates, or K. Michelle's  Damn.” Nevertheless, it guards its own originality.

Wiz Kid, starring as the lover’s interest, pops in quickly and crushes his verse. He responds to Skye in a detached, defensive, and heartless manner-

“If you wanna leave my girl you better leave…..I got a lot to offer please”

The “Purpled-haired Unicorn” (as she defines herself) claims in her interview with Billboard that- “When it comes to love, I go through a lot emotionally. The song speaks to that vibe. That’s a space I’m in right now emotionally and physically.”

Skye continues to explain that she is in the process of shooting the music video in LA bringing a Caribbean vibe to the video. I, as well as fans are beyond excited for this. No doubt I have ten different versions of the music video in my head already! The young artist announced that her new album is about the lessons she’s learned about love. 

‘You Don’t Know is a breath of fresh air. I pray Justine continues to bless our ears, and lives with amazing, innovative tunes. I believe that 2017 is going to be the year of the Purple Unicorn. I cannot wait to hear what next she brings to the game!