Big Sean + Jhené Aiko= TWENTY88

Jhené Aiko and Big Sean created a group called TWENTY88 and released a self-titled EP. In the past Big Sean and Jhené have done multiple songs together and the chemistry they have when collaborating on a song is unexplainable. They have not came out with a song that I don’t like.

TWENTY88 say, “our chemistry with music is undeniable”, and everything in this EP proves to back that statement up. I wasn’t really crazy about Big Sean until he released his album “Dark Sky Paradise” last year, I gave it a listen and it was better than I expected. I have been a fan of Jhené Aiko since she released “Sail Out” in 2013. After listening to it was I hooked by her melodies and unique voice. I downloaded her entire discography after listening and been stanning for her ever since.

I was hyped about this project when the duo unexpectedly announced the release date. This EP exceeded my expectations. It tells a story from the first song to the last song; it describes a relationship all the positive & negative feelings that come with it. Jhené & Sean were not holding back with the writing on this EP. The lyrics for every song are raw and relatable for anyone going through some relationship bumps. “2 Minute Warning” is my favorite song on this EP. It features K-Ci & JoJo and Detail. I love the raw vocals of Jhené throughout the track, I am in love with the lyrics, and K-Ci & JoJo doing backing vocals make this track a masterpiece. The song talks about giving that "certain person" all your attention and sharing the most intimate moments together. Second favorite song on this EP is “Déjà Vu”. This song talks about when that certain person used to come through late night and spend nights with you. But things changed in that relationship and the person that used to fall through is just a faded memory and that got you thinking “why don’t you fall through like you used to?”

Lastly I love “Talk Show” I think the concept of the song is very clever. The song is supposed to be a couple that is opening up about their relationship. Jhené does not rap or sing on this track but just talks about her feelings towards her significant other, and Big Sean raps the reply. This song can relate to anyone who has lurked through their significant others’ phone and found something you didn’t want to see and this song addresses that feeling perfectly.

This EP tells the story of a relationship that has fallen apart. TWENTY88 is a masterpiece all the songs flow perfectly into each other, and the chemistry between Big Sean & Jhené Aiko is amazing. This is only a taste of what they’re capable of. I cannot wait for a TWENTY88 debut album. 

You can stream their EP on Spotify, Tidal, & Apple Music. You can also purchase their merch on if you're a big fan of the EP.