REVIEW: Toro Y Moi - BooBoo

Chaz Bear’s musical moniker Toro y Moi, has always been one of experimentation, newfound grooves, and a high focus on a vibe more than anything. While some see this as a fault, others might argue it’s his greatest feat. To be able to consistently change up and evolve your sonic palette every album, and still make it sound cohesive, that is what BooBoo reaffirms for us. The 3rd track off the album “Mona Lisa” encapsulate the theme of the record, funky bass & synth grooves that culminate to a satisfying harmony during the hook, lyrics loosely reference a story about Chaz's encounter with a woman, and to top it off, the end section of the track divulges into lush experimental ambiance, surrounded with waves in the form of synth chords and mechanical clips & wisps that emulate birds chirping.

Tracks like this along with the cool summers drive, overlooking the ocean instrumental, “Embarcadero”, give us a sense of where Chaz’s mind is during his recording process. While the first half and last quarter of the album are very solid,  tracks like “Girl Like You” and “You and I” show us the fair criticisms others have of  Chaz’s music. The formulaic approach coupled with the sparseness of the instrumentals takes us out of the flow of the album, allowing Chaz’s vocals to sound weak and timid in delivery (he never came across to me as a well rounded singer). Fortunately there are more positive and impressive moments on this album. The track “Windows” sounds like a mesh of Kanye's 808s meets New Wave.

The ambient nature to the song attributes to the title of the track, a beautifully dark, yet also cool, focused, yet also in a daze track, A specialty of Chaz. Chaz’s embrace of ambient textures and 80s synth pop and new wave shows his continued interest in meshing electronic and organic music into one.

Best Track(s): Don't Try, Windows, Labyrinth  

Worst Track(s): You & I

Score: 8.5/10

-Sam Morgan