5 Music Videos From the 2010’s That We Will Never Forget

Some music videos stay relevant for years. Some even change the current culture and influence thousands by their imagery and message. In our current decade, there have been a few different videos to do this. Therefore, I have listed my personal top 5 music videos from the current decade that I believe to have changed our culture and made a significant impact on the music industry and our world.


1.          We Found Love by Rihanna

“We Found Love” by Rihanna is one of Rihanna’s biggest hits off her Talk That Talk album. Pairing up with DJ Calvin Harris led to a huge single for the Barbadian singer and paired with this angst-driven video showcasing a tumultuous relationship led to the song and video being one of the most recognizable pieces from the 2010’s so far. The video starts with a melancholic voice over which fades into song all the while telling the story of a relationship with many ups and downs including drugs, sex and Rihanna in a grocery cart.


2.          Anaconda by Nicki Minaj

There’s nothing quite like the song “Anaconda” by Nicki Minaj other than the original video and song “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot, and even then Nicki’s video surpasses in shock value and butt-centric visuals. This video is a complete ode to the booty, namely Minaj’s own (which has always been a huge part of her image). I don’t think anyone could ever forget Nicki Minaj in a two-piece hot pink bikini working out with weights even if they tried. Birthing hundreds of memes and inspiring thicker women of the world to embrace the booty, Nicki Minaj impacted the world with this one.


3.          Runaway by Kanye West

Not only one of Kanye’s best songs ever but also a video deserving of an Academy Award, “Runaway” stunned fans and even newcomers with ballet dancers, a white piano, and a Mr. West that we now barely recognize. Beautifully shot and offering a sly political statement, this artistic video forces the average viewer to slow down and take a breath to enjoy what the creator has put together. Coming from a highly regarded album, Kanye showed us what to look forward to with this new decade when he dropped this in 2010.


4.          Formation by Beyoncé

When I talk about videos changing culture and making significant impact, this video is what comes to mind. I’m not sure there has been a more talked about music video in our current decade than this one. “Formation” by Beyoncé is a snapshot and critique of our time. Tackling subjects such as Blackness, Southern Culture, and Police Brutality Beyonce ignited quite the debate on a national and even global scale. One of the most talked about shots of a young boy facing off against a line of police started a conversation regarding the Black Lives Matter movement of the moment, that still lives today. This is one of the true examples of going beyond the music industry and illustrates the strength of the film medium.


5.          Telephone by Lady Gaga

For an artist that depends on visuals and imagery, this is one of many iconic Lady Gaga music videos. It is also one of the most provocative and eclectic of the bunch. From interesting creations such as cigarette sunglasses worn within a women’s prison to the wacky Pussy Wagon driven by Beyoncé and Gaga, this video definitely takes the viewer on a trip; specifically a trip to murder. What else would you expect from a Gaga video? The nine-minute short film involves many costume changes and ends in a patriotic Gaga and Beyoncé dancing there hearts off in a middle-of-nowhere diner and eventually driving off together “to be continued”. Telephone helped cement Gaga’s reputation for pushing the envelope and always being the next one to watch for something entertaining.

Those are my top 5 videos from the 2010’s so far. What would your top 5 look like? Comment below!


- Alexx