Yeezy Season Is Here (feat. T.L.O.P)

The Life of Pablo aka Waves aka So Help Me God aka Swish has been released last week in another anticlimactic way yet again. 

Tidal has managed to make album releases not a big deal anymore. But that can also be partly blamed on Kanye West. He announced that TLOP was going to be released on February 11th, 2016 and it never did. But I knew that was not going to happen. Kanye managed to push his album release so it was released about three days later. To be announced on Tidal only to be streamed. This album cannot be physically bought or support his $53 million debt by buying the album on iTunes. Kanye held a listening party/fashion show for his “Yeezy Season 3” collection at Madison Square Garden. He also promised that he would lower the prices on his collection so that I can participate in Yeezy season and drip swagoo.

This album has been hyped up Kanye by the media and fans since early 2015. Kanye himself even hyped this album from dropping random singles that never made the album last year in 2015. The Life of Pablo isn’t that bad, but not worth the hype. The production on this album is amazing, I wouldn’t expect anything less from Ye in that department. But from him doing all these last minute tweeks, I felt the album was rushed. Chance The Rapper was the reason why the album was not available on its intended release date because he wanted to make additional changes to Waves. Waves is garbage. I would put Waves as my least favorite song on TLOP, but apparently Chance has another version of the song that is hidden away in Kanye’s secret bop dungeon.  

Ultralight Beam is a gospel song, almost cried, almost went to church after listening and then said a prayer. I might be exaggerating a bit but that song is beautiful.

me listening to TLOP 

me listening to TLOP 

The next song is “Father Strech My Hands Pt 1” and then after that is Pt 2. Part 1 is another beautiful song featuring Kid Cudi, but then part 2 is a bop with a Future wannabe named Desiigner, this song has sad lyrics but then the song transitions into “Panda” by Desiigner. After the Future knockoff feature, the next that comes next is “Famous (feat. Rihanna)” which is in my top 3 favorite songs on this album. Swizz did an excellent job on the production of this track especially on the outro (which is my favorite part of the song). Feedback is different, the beat reminds me of a 90s office fax, and I’m here for it.  Low Lights took me to church. This two-minute sermon had me saying “YES LORD” the entire time, truly remarkable. But this song does have a beautiful message in it of being accepted and loved by the lord. Highlights (feat Young Thug) is funny. Kanye thanks Blac Chyna for helping Rob Kardashian leave the house and I love it. He also calls out Ray J, and I think its worth the listen. Freestyle 4 is monstrous, the beat is nasty and grimey I love it. The only thing I do not like about this jam is that Kanye decided to use Desiigner instead of getting Future on the track. “I Love Kanye” is a song that is dedicated to those who miss the “old Kanye” but Ye does not give a fu*k about who you miss. 

“Waves (feat. Chris Brown) is my least favorite song on this album, Chance hyped it up and Kanye was even going to his album after this song. I think the song was overhyped and definitely not worth the hype. Real Friends was released on soundcloud about a month ago and I was hooked. I loved it, but I wish he put the songs that he released on soundcloud stayed on soundcloud and put a new game changing song that’s hidden in the Yeezy beat lab. Facts is underwhelming and lame tbh I didn’t like it when it was released via soundcloud the first time with the “Jumpman” sample and I still don’t like his revised version that’s on the album now. The last song on the album and my favorite is Fade. This track features Ty Dolla Sign and Post Malone, but Post Malone has a small verse within the song.

This album is not Kanye’s best but that’s up to debate. I think that Kanye should have put this album on iTunes and allowed stores to sell a physical copy of this album. I also have the theory that his excessive tweeting helped boost the hype of this album as well. 


@xosimmy’s top five off of TLOP:                                    @chrixtoph's top five off of TLOP:

1. 30 Hours                                                                         1. Wolves (Original) 

2. Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 2                                     2. Famous 

3. Famous                                                                          3. FML

4. Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1                                      4. Fade

5. Fade                                                                               5. No More Parties in L.A