TRACK REVIEW: Tame Impala // Patience

Kevin Parker breathes out in his ethereal, airy voice, “Has it really been that long?/Did I count the days wrong?” The lead singer welcomes his listeners back to the trippy tunes of Tame Impala with their newest taste of music since their 2015 record Current.

The track is more instrumentally diverse compared to the band’s past music, but this musical transition certainly isn’t unwelcome. “Patience” transports listeners to a space-age version of an 80’s synth ballad, with the dramatic keys, hip-shaking drum beats, and the band’s typical phaser and techno audio effects. There are so many fresh and innovative musical elements melding into each other that it’s hard to even notice it’s missing their signature intense, screeching guitars.

Parker reflects with his echoing vocals on the fickle nature of time in this single, reminding listeners that he’s working and growing at his own pace and he’s not letting anyone lead him astray. “I should be flying straight, don't be late/'Cause time waits for no one.”

Tame Impala has proved time and time again that it’s impossible for them to produce flat, bland music. Every new song is introspective and exceptional and “Patience” is no different.

There haven’t been any formal announcements of a new album, but fans are hoping this is leading the way for a wave of new music from the influential psychedelic rock group.