The Weeknd's fourth studio album (I’m counting Triology as an album) Starboy has dropped. While he’s been in the game since his iconic House of Balloons EP his style has changed throughout the years in order to fit into this new era of R&B. Starboy is an electronic R&B crossover mess. Let me elaborate on that statement. The album is messy, it’s filled with different genres that don’t seem to overlap or flow right into each other. Half of this album is filled with filler pop songs and some average songs over a simplistic trap beat.

With the album consisting of over 18 songs his Maniac visual gave me a misrepresentation of what I was going to hear when listening to Starboy for the first time. The Maniac visual peeped a glimpse into the dark mind of The Weeknd that’s filled with sex and drugs. Party Monster, All I Know, Sidewalks, Secrets, Feel It Coming and Die For You were all previewed in the short film.

Having the album open with his already released singles Starboy, Party Monster, and False Alarm it begins to set a pop tone for the album. Changing from the pop song opening The Weeknd hits us with his aggressive track Reminder. “I just won a new award for a kids show talking bout face numbing off a bag a blow I’m like goddamn bitch I am not a Teen Choice” Abel wants to make it clear that just because he’s becoming more mainstream his underground dark sound that was infused with sex and drugs will not change within his lyrics. Since the album is so long consisting of 18 songs there’s something for everyone. There’s a taste for fans who enjoy is new style, which flourish on tracks like Starboy, Secrets, A Lonely Night and I Feel It Coming (feat.Daft Punk).  Those songs are more pop influenced which reflect the recent change within his music. While the rest of the album still holds the Toronto’s singer to his roots; songs like True Colors, Six Feet Under, and Die For You show off The Weeknd’s R&B flare. True Colors & Die For You are the tracks that stick out the most. I love how they both incorporate his newer and older style and still fit into this album. True Colors has an early 2000s R&B feel while having Abel’s vocals feels like a true classic off this album. While Die For You is probably the most soothing and smooth sounding song off this album it can be placed onto any of The Weeknd’s older or newer projects.

With the constant debate of The Weeknd’s music and how to rank his albums because they all sound completely different, I would rank Starboy as #3 (im counting Triology!!). This album deserves to serve as number #3 because Triology changed R&B. After the success from his mixtapes there have been MULTIPLE bootleg artists trying to cop his sound and style since those releases. His previous album Beauty Behind The Madness gets second place for the obvious reason it made Abel mainstream and a household name. That album has multiple hits which have been blaring on the radios and featured in movie soundtracks. Kissland gets last place and we’re not going to debate it. 


my favorite songs from starboy: 

1. Die For You

2. True Colors

3. Party Monster

4. Six Feet Under

5.  A Lonely Night