REVIEW : Tyler The Creator - Scum Fuck Flower Boy

Tyler seems to be at an all time high. It is clear that a lot of man hours were spent creating and revising this album to sound where it sounds at release. This is no doubt this is his best produced album; lyrically Tyler is on point more than ever before. A majority of this album is a motif of his isolation due to fame and its effects to his psyche. Let’s not forget the production, which opts for a minimal, sparse drum samples, against buzzing synths. He constantly paints a beautiful cinematic summer soundscape, which sticks for most of the album. Tyler also effectively utilizes his guest features to further enhance each tracks quality.  

A standout, “911/Mr. Lonely” Perfectly encapsulates Tyler’s widening sonic palette. This part melancholy R&B, part trap banger allows Tyler to flex his production muscle, as well as deliver a cohesive experience, despite the beat switch up. Also, this track happens to have my second favorite hook on the album sung by Tyler along with the assistance of Steve Lacy and Anna of the North. And of course Frank bodied his section of the song with his ever random, very clever vocal phrases...CHIRP CHIRPPPPPP.

He seems at his most comfortable production-wise meshing hard tribal like drums with lush gorgeous synths and piano phrases. “Boredom” envelops you in its smooth rhodes and drum loop led instrumentation. I can't forget it's very infectious hook, “Find some time, find some time to do something...” (probably my favorite on the album). To top it off we have Tyler in rare form, speaking on literal boredom and showcasing his vulnerability in the face of it.

The first banger of the album (there aren't many) “Who Dat Boy”, has an industrial sound thru its use of brittle synths, which cut thru the mix like knives, along with the rattling 808 kick drum. Tyler does his thing, flaunting about his success, ASAP Rocky is a guest on the track, delivering a satisfying complimentary verse.“Ain't Got Time” is Tyler’s second attempt at a more edgier “turn up” song. Unfortunately it doesn't pan out to well in my opinion. Retreading similar grounds as “Who Dat Boy”, the song is incredibly average. The controversial coming out song, “Garden Shed”, is led by a pretty mediocre Estelle feature, which overall does nothing to make the song any better. Tyler’s lyrics suggest his possible wanting for those of his gender in a romantic way. This is a unique album from a unique person, I definitely recommend checking this out. My only criticism would be the placement of tracks like “Ain't Got Time” and the inclusion of needless feature on “Garden Shed”.  

Best Track(s): “Foreward”, “Where The Flower Blooms”, “911/Mr.Lonely”, “Boredom”

Worst Track(s): “Garden Shed”, “Ain't Got Time”, “Glitter”  

Score: 8/10


-Sam Morgan