I'm Sad Because of Njomza

The Chicago based artist, Njomza, delivers with an impactful EP that will have you adding songs to your “late night feels” playlist. sad for you is filled with a hypnotizing production style accompanied with Njomza’s fluid vocals. This project is most definitely versatile and trying to categorize it in a specific genre is difficult; it ranges from alternative R&B to electro pop but still remains true to the 'sad girl' theme of the E.P. To simply put it Njomza cannot be put into a box or be labeled, she truly is unique and it shows in her music.

The title track ‘sad for you’ is a top tier late night breakup song. ‘sad for you’ is very versatile that demonstrates different styles of what Njzoma can do. She isn’t even afraid to reveal her vulnerability on the bass heavy ballad that is ‘perfect fit’. Njzoma is an artist that will be on my radar, from the sound of her first project alone I’m hooked.

Tracks Not Be Ignored: sad for you, perfect fit, and baggage.

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- Christoph