REVIEW: PNDColours 2

Sauga native Partynextdoor dropped the sequel to his late 2014 release of PNDColours, PNDColours 2. The E.P was made in less than five days which also makes this Party’s first and only solo project in 2017 after releasing his underwhelming sophomore album PND 3 in 2016. Although he hasn’t been releasing songs under his name he’s been busy producing and writing for Rihanna, Drake, and Beyonce behind the scenes.

 The E.P is not as good as PNDColours 1 but it’s definitely a step up from PND 3. The album provides production style similar to PND 2, the opening song ‘Piece of Mind’ sounds very similar to ‘Grown Woman’ off of PND 2, almost like an unofficial remix of it. PNDColours 1 is where Party peaked musically. His sound has evolved but not for the better since 2014.

Rate: 6.5/10

Best Song: Freak In You