Paigey Cakey is the New Wave

The U.K is filled with talented MC's but the one that caught my attention in particular is Paigey Cakey. Her flow is dope, her music is killer, and her production is fresh. She maintains to be herself within her music; no imitation of anyone, its all natural and refreshing. Before I stumbled upon her music, turns out she’s been in the game for a while with three mixtapes and an EP under belt.  

I discovered this gem on YouTube with her song “Pattern”. In retrospect Pattern goes fucking hard. The production and outro is amazing. The track is a grimy cocky anthem. Her soundcloud is filled with refreshing tracks. My favorite song that she’s released is her “Controlla (Remix)” this record has a bubbly and dreamy vibe that is accompanied with her hypnotic flow making this a great remix of Drake’s ‘Controlla’. Paigey Cakey is an M.C that better be making power moves; her music is addictive and unique and I’m excited to see what she has stored in her vault.