REVIEW: Wallows // Nothing Happens

Written By: Ava Allen

Wallows returned to the spotlight earlier this year, but not with a round of singles or an extended play like in the past. They unveiled their very first studio album, “Nothing Happens”.  A compilation of eleven reminiscent tracks reflecting the sound of their past work, while also showcasing elements of who they are now and what they plan on experimenting with soon. 

The album kick starts with “Only Friend,” a relatable number that tells the story of that one nagging friend we have all had the honor of experiencing: Loneliness. It creeps up on you unexpectedly in the forms of other people, and their sudden departures from your life. In the song’s chorus, the analogy of “logging” off conveys that experience perfectly, along with that feeling of not knowing how to respond. While I do appreciate the meaning behind this song, it certainly has its weak spots in other areas, which shine bright when compared to a handful of the others on the album. 


This brings me to the next topic at hand: the worst or weakest tracks. This was tough for me to look for because I really like the album as a whole, and I connect with a lot of the songs in different ways. However, no album is flawless. There’s always going to be a song or two that’s liked less. For instance, “Treacherous Doctor” and doesn’t hit me as hard as “Remember When” or “Worlds Apart”. It doesn’t have that formula - the right blend of meaningful lyrics and a memorable tempo. It doesn’t tell a story I can relate to, which is the main reason I listen to indie rock. 

Despite that, there is one track that makes up for all those unsealed cracks. “Do Not Wait” wraps the album up nicely with one simple message: no matter how hard it is to let go of the past, you must move on. That person that you were - whether it was yesterday or a year ago - doesn’t matter. Those tough experiences you went through don’t last forever. It can be hard to just let it all stay behind you, but all you can really do in life is to move forward. So why stress about the past when you can focus on the present?

Top Picks: “Scrawny”, “Ice Cold Pool”, “Remember When”, “Worlds Apart”, “Are You Bored Yet”, “I’m Full”, and “Do Not Wait”