REVIEW: No Rain, No Flowers - Sabrina Claudio

Sabrina Claudio, the rising 21-year-old R&B singer, released her new project, No Rain, No Flowers which follows the release of her viral EP, About Time. The short and concise 8-track album takes an in-depth approach into the singer’s personal life. Claudio states that the project focuses on the central themes of healing and growth.


“No Rain, No Flowers is an inside look into my journey of healing and growth. Rain symbolizes

darkness but also represents an essential part of rebirth,” says Claudio. “If there is no rain, there are no flowers.”

The opening track “Come Here” asserts the central vibe of the album through hypnotic and deeply layered breathy vocals that simulate a heavy bass production. The theme of intimacy is introduced through the opening track in which the songstress confesses the yearning of a certain someone. Flowing into the extremely vulnerable track, “Naked,” where the singer offers all of herself to another person emotionally and physically stripping all of her layers to uncover her truths. The outro of “Naked” transitions perfectly into “Cycle,” here album takes a slower and mundane turn. This track is my least favorite solely based on the long dreary repetition that drag out the chorus for about four minutes. “Creation” oozes with a specific moody and dark aura, it channels a familiar vintage sound through the use of an eerie production. With an attempt to lighten the mood, the upbeat, lackluster, and almost out of place track, “Numb”, comes into rotation.

The second half of the album it has a more sensual and intimate feel to it. “Did We Lose Our Minds” feels reminiscent of her previous project About Time that refers back to her otherworldly and airy vocals. Flowing into “Control,” Claudio takes on elements of trap which doesn’t deter from production heard throughout the album but rather it enhances the overall experience of listening to something a bit uptempo. The album closes with the singer’s most vulnerable song on the album, “Messages to Her,” the chill slow tempo and very intimate track comes from her place of self-reflection.

The album oozes with deep bass which can be compared to The Weeknd’s sound in early 2012. Some of the standout tracks I’ve come adored after listening to this project are “Naked” and “Come Here.” Effortlessly, Claudio transcends through the safe space she created where she displays such grace and poise while being so unapologetically open. She lets her silky vocals linger on every track which creates a never ending escape into what feels like Claudio’s personal diary. No Rain, No Flowers displays the growth of an ever-changing and evolving artist. It demonstrates unique characteristics that have been missing within modern R&B.