Tinashe's Nightride

Tinashe has finally released an overdue project this November. For about a year and a half fans were awaiting for the release of her sophomore album Joyride but she released this mixtape as the first part for her second album and to please the fans.

Tinashe’s Nightride takes you on a ride (literally) through her love life. This tape is moody while also delivering a sexy vibe. Lucid Dreaming opens up the album with a dreamy and smooth production. Sunburn is a grimy track with a jazzy vibe to it, her cockiness flourishes in this song with Tinashe singing about nobody is going to cloud up her blue skies. Tinashe teams up with Metro Boomin to create the fifth song on this album, Sacrifices. This sexually driven song might possibly be the best on this album, especially for those late night hours.  “Ice in my hair cause I’m a cold bitch” comes from Soul Glitch packed with a haunted sounding production and elusive vocals. Tinashe cries about being cold and closed towards a lover. Spacetime projects a more romantic sense of love rather than the casual love experiences sung about in Company or in Sacrifices. Spacetime has a sense of nostalgia “don’t act like you don’t know me”, reminds of a Mariah Carey’s banger “Don’t Forget About Us’. The last section of this tape has songs that have been released as singles earlier this year. Ride of Your Life, Party Favors, and Company were released as singles during 2016 but put onto this tape because I’m assuming they didn’t fit the aesthetic or sound of Joyride. Touchpass & Ghetto Boy ends the album leaving the listener (me) thirsting for more music from Tinashe.  

Top 3 Songs from Nightride

1. Lucid Dreaming

2. Sacrifices 

3. Soul Glitch