Every week, we’ll be bringing you Must Listen: a new series that's a compilation of rising artists along with songs that must be added to your everyday playlist. This week’s playlist consists of emerging and established artists such as Marcos g, Ruby Francis,  Sylo Nozra and many more. Turn up, tune in, and tune out.

Single (on the weekend) // Marcos g

“this is for the girls that leave their man on read while going out with their second man while thinking about their third” - marcos g


omw // Sylo Nozra

Toronto based singer/producer, Sylo Nozra, delivers with a lush and mellow track. Omw takes on an electro-R&B hybrid sound that feels like I want to dance into the sunset.


Rush // Ruby Francis

Rush shimmers with a nostalgic sound of 80s disco.


U // oceansfromtheblue & slchld

Straight off the latest project “aries?”  from  slchld and oceansfromtheblue, “U” is one of the standout tracks that gushes with soul and passion. The track  


Vent // Joël

This track is an ultimate therapeutic release with a feeling that we can all relate to.


Into Nirvana // Grim Lynn & Hadiya George

This track will send you into a nostalgic trance, reminds me of Kali Uchis with a hint of 70s soul.




An electrifying and sensual track from R&B’s latest power couple. The song is the first single off of QUIÑ’s upcoming EP LUCID.


Love Language // Kehlani

A standout track from Kehlani’s latest mixtape While We Wait. This song is one of the most refreshing and healthiest love songs I’ve heard in awhile.


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