Every week, we’ll be bringing you Must Listen: a new series that's a compilation of rising artists along with songs that must be added to your everyday playlist. This week’s playlist consists of emerging and established artists such as Jack Larsen, KALLITECHNIS, Harry Teardrop and many more. Turn up, tune in, and tune out.

Flower // Jack Larsen

Straight from his EP, Push Ups, the rising Chicago based pop alt star shines on this track. The track blends together futuristic neo-pop with R&B. The track demonstrates the feeling of coming into adulthood while narrating the same telling tale of innocence.


This is a sultry, dark, jazz influenced R&B track; The emotion glistens brightly through the Montreal native’s vocals.

Chinatown // Harry Teardrop

This track reminds me of a 2000s teen romcom prom scene. Birthed from that niche bedroom pop that induces you into a three minute nostalgic flashback.

N°1 Loves You // Phangs

The title track from this latest EP. This song radiates dreamy pop goodness, trust me.

Do It Right // Nakala

London based artist, Nakala, delivers with a Drake influenced singing-rap hybrid bop that is certified to either put you in your feels and jam out at the same time.

Foolish // Samaria

Rising R&B artist and Bay Area, Samaria, is carving into a lane of her own with this track. “Foolish” is haunting and daunting with an eerie production accompanied with her snowflake like and gentle vocals.

Far Hills Ave // Yello & Cameron Eggers

A chill laid back vibe is felt throughout . Yello’s calm vocals float over the shimmering keys across the track.

Stupid // MILKK

The latest mesmerizing single from self-proclaimed boyband MILKK. The upbeat trancy song makes me feel like I need to be driving to the beach.

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