Every week, we’ll be bringing you Must Listen: a new series that's a compilation of rising artists along with songs that must be added to your everyday playlist. This week’s playlist consists of emerging and established artists such as Keshi, The Marias, Kalin White and many more. Turn up, tune in, and tune out.

just friends // keshi

This low-fi trapped infused slow jam is one of my favorites from keshi’s discography. He belts his thoughts over a situationship

Clueless // The Marias

The psychedelic L.A based band, the Maria’s, latest single is a unique, dreamy and bubbly track. The lead singer’s vocals seem to float effortlessly over the illusory production throughout the track. 

‘more than just a fuck’ // Kalin White

This track delivers an ominous yet sensual vibe. The layered production mixed with electric guitar at the rift in the outro is what has me coming back to this song. 

Lessons // Naji (feat. Sara Diamond)

Straight off of Naji’s “Act II a duet with Sara Diamond” comes a track that is filled with cosmic energy. The synergy between their vocals feels like floating in space looking for your soulmate. 

Wet Socks // Sophie Meiers

This trippy lo-fi, chill-wave pop fusion track is what drugs sound like in audio format.

Want U Back // Spencer

A warm soulful track that feels like you need to rekindle with a lost summer love. Even though the song will make you want to text them again...don’t. 

Temptations // Raveena

The sensual R&B singer delves into herself to confront Miss Temptation, which in this song is represented as multiple types of lust. Raveena sings about sexual fluidity in the most graceful way; floating over a minimalistic percussion.

Make Me // BRIDGE

The song samples Usher’s “You Make Me Wanna” and puts a modern rendition on it. BRIDGE takes the soulful 90s bop and spins it into a sultry and eerie hip-hop track.