Every week, we’ll be bringing you Must Listen: a new series that's a compilation of rising artists along with songs that must be added to your everyday playlist. This week’s playlist consists of emerging and established artists such as Ilham, Niqa Mor, Summer Walker, Parisalexa ,and many more. Turn up, tune in, and tune out.

Make Money Not Friends // Lazy J & Poetik

Australian rapper, Lazy J, delivers with an all around feel good nostalgic bop. Sydney singer/songwriter, Bea Moon, appears on the backing vocals that shimmer through the track making me feel like I’m trapped in a constant dream state.

i don’t wanna be with you no more // Ilham

This track comes from Ilham’s latest EP, 41-10, the song tells the truth of not being able the stomach the person you once loved. Ilham creates this extremely dark atmosphere on this track with her unique voice and eerie production.

CPR // Summer Walker

Glistening with melodic harmonies, Summer Walker, delivers with serious 2000s R&B vibes on this track. This sensual moody record is one of the most laid back songs i’ve heard in awhile. Do yourself a favor and listen to this on a rainy day.

Lonely Nights // Njomza

This is the first single from her upcoming project, VACATION. Feeling reminiscent from her pervious project, sad for you, Njomza doesn’t disappoint with this fresh bittersweet banger.

Thursday Night // Niqa Mor

Niqa Mor channels an inner chaotic energy on this track. The gritty trap infused R&B banger is aggressive yet sensual, sort of reminds me of a more feminine partynextdoor.

Deadhead // Parisalexa

Fresh off of her latest EP, Bloom, Parisalexa channels the spirit of Erykah Badu on this track. The singer floats over this beat effortlessly to create one of the smoothest and most polite breakup songs to date.


The Dance For You sample, that is all.

thumbnail photo: Victor Chiang