Every week, we’ll be bringing you Must Listen: a new series that's a compilation of rising artists along with songs that must be added to your everyday playlist. This week’s playlist consists of emerging and established artists such as Rini, Frex, Ariana Grande, and so many more. Turn up, tune in, and tune out.

Camped // Rini

This R&B-jazz infused gem oozes with the essence of cool. The Melbourne based singer/songwriter, Rini, delivers with probably one of the smoothest tracks you’ve ever heard.


Ellis Dee // Frex

Los Angeles based, Frex, released her debut project Blu a few months back. Her E.P begins with hypotonic synths that trap you within her realm of heartbreak and innocence. A standout track from this project is trancy upbeat “Ellis Dee,” it's packed with shimmering snares and vocals that will leave you in a trance making you feel like you’re on Ellis Dee (LSD).


R.E.M // Ariana Grande

The fourth and best track from Ariana Grande’s fourth studio album, sweetener, makes it on the list. Originally a Beyonce demo, Ariana has managed to transform the song into an innocent dreamy track that literally puts you on Cloud 9.


In The Air (feat. BlocBoy JB) // Rico Nasty

The 21-year old DMV native recruits rising rapper BlocBoy JB in her journey for conquest. The aggressive rock-influenced-rap banger is packed with a barrage of rage. Compared to her other rap counterparts who feel the need to cover or sample 2000s punk-emo tracks, Rico steps into the realm of rock-rap with this one of a kind gem.


Give It To Me // Olivia Escuyos

Back from a hiatus the viral singer/songwriter, Olivia Escuyos, releases her new single “Give It To Me.” The song channels a 2000s feel, using subtle Aaliyah references throughout the track and a hypnotic production.


Come Here // Sabrina Claudio

The opening track from her latest release No Rain, No Flowers, overflows with emotion. The airy pseudo-ballad overflows with intense vocal layering accompanied with a deep bassy production. The song gives me 2012  


Chingy // Amine

Fresh off of Amine’s newly released sophomore album, ONEPOINTFIVE, this aggressive trap-banger referencing *iconic* 2000s rapper Chingy is a track that shines on this project. “Tell me, who the fuck are you?” this cocky flex mantra is a huge mood.