Meet Ray AM

Rising independent Latin-pop artist, Ray AM, just released his first single 'Highway'.  ‘Highway’ is Ray AM’s gateway to transcend and break the barriers that separate Latin artists from the mainstream pop realm. Written by Ray AM himself and produced by Derry EIM, ‘Highway’ is a display of pop music evolving. “I feel like highway has the power to connect with so many different people even if they don’t understand the lyrics”  It’s a latin-pop song that reflects the influence Ray AM surrounded himself with growing up in. ‘Highway’ is the first song off of his debut E.P and will leave you trapped in an everlasting summer.

Ray AM, the moniker of 21 year old, Raymond Bourdier. Raised in the Dominican Republic, Raymond immigrated to the United States to find an abundance of opportunities. After moving to New York City, Raymond stumbled upon his passion for making music. Through his first single, Ray AM strives to break the barrier that separates latin and pop music to create a sound that transcends to the mainstream. Through his catchy melodies, upbeat production, and infectious chorus, Ray AM will most definitely become your new favorite artist.