Q&A With Olivia Escuyos

For those who haven’t stumbled upon one of her viral covers on either Soundcloud or Youtube; Olivia Escuyos is an artist from Melbourne Australia who has been making vibey R&B tracks on the internet since 2013. She’s managed to get over a million plays on her covers of Rihanna, Beyoncé, Jhené Aiko, and Drake on Soundcloud, Youtube, and Spotify. Her E.P, Preface, is nothing short of the artists’ who influence her. It’s packed with ‘goosebump inducing’ vocals along with a production that sounds heavily 90s influenced.

I had the opportunity to delve into Olivia’s creative process and gather details for her upcoming projects.

What genre would you classify your music in?
When I think about what genre I would classify myself in, It's soul/r&b as my foundation. Then I have strong influences of jazz and urban here and there.

Do you have plans of releasing a debut album soon?
I do but it's still in the beginning stages, really. I want to make as much music as I can and pull as many experiences into my lyrics to make it the most honest album I can make it.

Do you intend to collab with other artists?
If the opportunity comes then yes. I'm not really into collaborating as of yet but it depends on the vibe and chemistry between me and the other artist

I noticed that you’re based in ATL when you visit the states, how do you like it?
At first, it took quite a while getting used to. Not just being in ATL but the thought of being all the way on the other side of the world! I had to get accustomed to how people live in the US and all the words my country rarely say!! haha. Now I'm used to Atlanta's vibes and every time I go back there's always something excitingly new about it.

Who are the artists that inspire you?
I would say all the artists I grew up listening to from my parents. Sade, Anita Baker, Toni Braxton, Nina Simone, MJ, Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, Erykah Badu, and India Arie.

What inspires you to create?
Anything really! An experience in my life, pictures, books, scenery, sounds that intrigue me or spark something for me to have the need to record it down somewhere. Also, new artists inspire me to create. I love to find new artists on social media and seek inspiration from them. The rawness and originality from new artists always has me thinking about how I could continue perfecting my craft and create new sounds. (Even if I'm a new artist as well)

Your covers sound better than the originals; do you find it difficult to find your own unique niche or sound when creating original music?
Honestly, I draw a lot of my own sound from my covers. Looking back at my videos, I find things that I did and like and try to incorporate that into my own music. Whenever I do covers I try and make it as much as me as possible!

Are you signed to a record label? If not do you plan to be independent?
I'm independent at the moment. I honestly prefer and love working through the strength of me and my team as of late, but when the time is right I may consider record labels.  

Do you have a favorite song on your E.P ‘Preface’?
My favourite song would have to be One & Only. I just remember sitting down having a conversation with my writers at Needlz studio about my love life at the time. I was going through a fresh break up and didn't really want to let it go. Most of the lyrics are exactly how the conversation went that night.

Where can the fans find you?
You can find me on Youtube (Olivia Escuyos) , Instagram (Oliviaexcuses), Facebook (Olivia Escuyos), Souncloud, Spotify, etc....You can also find me wandering around the city in Melbourne. ha.


- Christoph