Its Training Season

Emerging Canadian Hip-Hop collective, Training Season, is composed of vocalists GP, King Caexar, and Queenn. The group is inspired by West Coast, Midwest, Old School Hip-Hop, and even anime. Their newest project, The Caexar Saga: L-MAN, encompasses elements of chillwave R&B, while still keeping a fresh new sound. The group implements intricate samples throughout the project that doesn’t make it feel repetitive. Tracks like ‘BossMann’ deliver a spooky and ominous ambience to the project. While songs like “Dreamcatcher” bring the 2000s punk scene back to modern day through emotional lyrics and an infectious instrumental.

The style and sound the the collective is bringing is truly unique. It is constantly being reflected in their sound. Their newest valentines day track ‘PKJ’ truly embodies the inspiration of their sound with a classic ‘Choosey Lover’ sample heard throughout the song. PKJ is a timeless track that can be placed into anybody's ‘late night feels’ playlist.

Training Seasons versatility will truly make them stand out this year and become your new favorite artist. 

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