LISTEN: Frank Ocean's 'Provider'

Amidst the chaos of this years disappointing MTV VMA’s and Game Of Thrones season finale, Frank Ocean emerges with a new track. “Provider” is the latest single released through his Blonded Radio series on Apple Music. The track features Frank further experimenting with structure and rhythm. Allusions to Dragon Ball Z, Stanley Kubrick, (who Frank has a habit of citing as an influence) are present. What compliments Mr.Oceans melodic twists of sing-rapping is a gliding rhodes keyboard, complimented by first a soft kick and snap of a rimshot, followed by a replacement of trap style drums on the outro. What’s so great about this track, and frankly, (no pun intended) all of Frank’s Blonded Radio released tracks, is his commitment to pushing the sounds he had established on Blond and Endless, more than a year ago. Despite no new album, Frank has already had a historic year for his career, through some amazing concert set pieces, the singles off of Blonded, and his features. Hopefully it only gets better.

- Sam