Princess Nokia's 1992 Was The Best Mixtape of 2017

Destiny Frasqueri, also known for her moniker, Princess Nokia is a rapper who brings the spirit of New York City to life in her re-released mixtape, 1992. Princess Nokia’s notoriety came to rise through internet popularity a few years ago with her song ‘Bitch I’m Posh,’ which she released under her former name, ‘Wavy Spice.’ She has been experimenting with futuristic neo-rap since 2013.

The rapper pays homage to an older 90s and early 2000s style of Hip-Hop through vivid storytelling and accompanies it with a classic NYC style production. The sound of New York never escapes on her mixtape, 1992, on the track ‘Green Line,’ the rapper samples car horns, noises from the subway, while repeating “for $2.50 I can go anywhere I want,” anybody who lives in New York City can catch every reference made in this song. Nokia delves into the past, present, and future, on tracks like, ‘the ABC’s of New York.’ The song itself is a love letter to the city who raised her. On songs like ‘Kitana’ and ‘Tomboy,’ she doesn’t shy away from the current trap trend. With a Migos-like and aggressive flow on ‘Kitana,’ Princess Nokia proves she can create a certified banger.

Princess Nokia’s versatility is the key that made her re-release of 1992 one of the best projects to come out in 2017. The ability to manipulate her voice throughout the mixtape, to portray herself as masculine but yet feminine is what truly draws me in to keep listening.

Favorite Tracks:  Green Line, Saggy Denim, ABCs of New York, & Kitana.

Stream the album below! 

thumbnail by timothy eschmann