REVIEW: Big Thief’s Newest Single, “Not”

Written By: Emily Brosier

Big Thief’s newest single “Not,” is a reflection of the flesh of a body, is a commentary on the physicality of embrace, while lyrically touching on the essence of intimacy.

“Not” is a repetitive melody of simple structure: lead singer of  Big Thief, Adrianne Lenker, states all of the things that her love is not, “not the meat of your thigh/ not your spine tattoo/ nor your shimmery eye/ nor the wet of the dew.” We are gifted with descriptive moments of her intimate love without ever knowing what her love is. The magic of “Not” is between the lyrics and in the melodic and vibrant rage of loving HARD. “Not” is an angry love ballad and a cursed spell cast by a woodland witch overcome with emotion. The song is heavy and painted with a thick coat of infatuation, something Big Thief is well known for, “Not” does not fall short. 

With the release of their new single, the band Big Thief is indulging us with not only a second album this year, but the edition of potential new songs along the way. Their new single, Not (including an edited version), will be part of their newest upcoming album, “Two Hands” to be released in October.