LISTEN: Men I Trust - Show Me How

With each release, Montreal native band, Men I Trust,  has shown drastic improvement in their sound, visual, and aesthetic categories. “Show Me How” continues the bands efforts to merge their electronic and indie rock influences. The result is gold. The guitars and synth float and long the rubbery bassline as the lead vocalist sings asking for answers to questions of the her past with someone close to her, ultimately recognizing these are of the past and she is here, now. A powerful message about enjoying each moment as it passes similar to their last single “I Hope To Be Around”. While similar in message, both vary in composition, with “Show Me How” opting for a slower, floaty sound. The accompanied music video features their signature yellow subtitles, scenes from what looks to be vegas and its surrounding areas, with other unnamed areas that being feelings of bliss, comfort, and warmth. Weather these singles lead to an album or not is TBD but you will definitely be hearing more from us if they do put out more.

-Sam Morgan