LISTEN: Lolo Zouaï Is Our New Favorite Artist

Lolo Zouaï the Paris born, San Francisco raised singer-songwriter is an artist that should be on your rotation this year. Her single ‘High Highs to Low Lows’ received over one million plays across all streaming platforms in the past year.

Lolo is 100% independent, and has been working with a small creative team from KidSuper Studios as she finishes her debut EP, which is expected to come out sometime this year. The young singer-songwriter brings a sense of NYC grunge to all her songs and visuals. Delivering a late 90s inspired R&B, Lolo makes it work; pairing her soft spoken vocals with a modernized trap production makes it the perfect alternative R&B track. On her smoothest single to date, “Highs Highs to Lows Lows,” the songstress discusses the struggles of trying to be successful in the music industry. Aside from being a vocalist, Lolo is also an accredited songwriter. In 2017, Lolo was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame for her writing placement on H.E.R’s sensual track, ‘Still Down’.

On tracks like ‘Blue’, Lolo’s soft, angelic vocals combined with a darker-trap production makes it the epitome of lowkey R&B. Combining inspiration from 90s R&B and her french roots, Lolo manages easily transition between english and french on every track. Lolo is truly an artist that needs to be kept on rotation; between her effortless smooth tracks to her angelic vocals, she’s truly an artist that needs to be recognized.

Check out her latest video!