LISTEN: breathe. // haze

Sydney-based, minimal electronic duo, breathe., share their third single "Haze." Recorded across Toronto and Sydney, the track is a blurry, aching take on late-night soul music. The song gives off a comfortable and cozy aura, where I can leave it on repeat on a winter night in. The accompanying music video was directed and edited by the band. 

“Haze was started late one night in our Oxford street studio and was finished between Sydney, London, and Canada with input from lots of great collaborators,” the band shares of their single. “Months later we filmed the one-shot video across the street in a friend's rooftop studio. Across our songs and films, we strive for simplicity and aim to reduce an idea to its purest form - the minimal filmmaker Bill Viola has been a big inspiration for that. We plan to finish a few more songs and films and hope to build a package that together makes something really beautiful.” breathe. is made up of two friends who love making music, taking photographs, and shooting film.