A little late to the party but since my mandem Chris wrote his elaborative list of what 2015 taught him, I decided to add a little something from my side as well. So, open up.


1.      do what makes you smile so you can keep smiling.

2.      the bad is never that bad. good can always get better. and greatness is within.

3.      if they are telling you what to wear, they are telling you who to be.

4.      dont chase love, attention or affection. if it isnt given freely, its not worth having.

5.      bad intentions only come from bad hearts.

6.      its important to know youre important.

7.      she who cares more cries more. &wins more.

8.      they only really need you until they dont really need you.

9.      i mean no harm, i just mean what i say.

10.   dont make people who are special to you feel like they arent special to you.

11.   forgive others.

12.   stop drawing optical illusions on your face.

13.   dont take my kindness for weakness. ever.

14.   less thinking & questioning, more doing.

15.   &dont forget to love the people you claim to love.

 2015 came bearing lessons and surprises. I lost friends and morals I stood by, least expected it when I should have, and became more patient with time. im just trying to get a hang of shit before time gets away from me. Its okay to not have it all figured out. Anything that is happening now is happening because you chose it. & you will always lose if you choose to forfeit. The art of following through.


I’ll be back & you be good to yourself.