50 Things I Learned During My Sophomore Year

Yo sophomore year was stressful af, but I did manage to learn some things. These are a just few lessons I learned from this school year that I want to share with you. 

1.     Don’t make ANYONE else a priority

2.     Change is always good. Accept it.

3.     Don’t be afraid to try new things

4.     Break out of your comfort zone once in a while


6.     Always say yes to FREE events

7.     Don’t get attached to anyone or anything

8.     Be more creative

9.     Don’t apologize for how you feel

10. (Almost) Everything is a competition

11. Don’t be afraid to compliment something if you like it

12. Travel more. Don’t be stuck in one place

13. Stop forcing things to happen

14. Let go of your ego

15. Read different genres of books

16. Appreciate the city you live in

17. Don’t take your life for granted

18. Take advantage of your opportunities

19. Connections are KEY

20. Everyone in NYC knows each other in some way shape or form

21. Image is (almost) everything. Make a great first impression

22. Know your worth

23. Everything is temporary

24. Not everything is a big deal

25. Your problems aren’t that bad

26. Make time for your friends

27. Don’t stop taking pictures, you’ll want them later

28. Support local businesses

29. Support talented local artists

30. Always stop into an art gallery

31. Conversations with strangers are super beneficial

32. Don’t doubt yourself

33. Trust your instincts (you’re usually right)

34. $1 pizza saves lives

35. Can’t survive without coffee :/

36. I don’t have time to be someone I’m not

37. Don’t be selfish

38. Listen to your friends

39. NEVER lose your motivation or drive

40. Being honest is always the way to go


42. Always be productive

43. Refer to number 1 one more time

44. Stop spending money on food and invest in yourself

45. Nothing is a waste of time, you’ll always manage to learn or feel something afterwards

46. You don’t need everyone's approval

47. Put the phone down enjoy your life


49. Don’t forget who you are

50. Don’t forget your goals and the reason you’re doing this