EP REVIEW: John Mayer- The Search For Everything: Wave Two

John Mayer's refusal to keep your girls panties dry is apparent once again.

Mayer’s second release this year, expands on the sounds and concepts he introduced in The Search For Everything : Wave One. While not as focused and concise as Wave One, Wave Two manages to grasps the listener's attention through brilliant songwriting and song arrangement. The opener to Wave Two, “Still Feel Like Your Man” cleverly puts Mayer’s best foot forward, a blue eyed pop/soul inspired track with lush mellow keys and sleek, funky guitars, compliment Mayer’s calm, carefree delivery. A highlight of John’s simple yet effective songwriting technique come in the form of lines such as, “I still keep your shampoo in my shower...In case you wanna wash your hair,  and I know that you probably found yourself someone somewhere...but I do not really care, 'cause as long as it is there.”

Mayer’s ability to effortlessly paint these pictures of lost/forgotten love is only enhanced by the breakdown 3/4th into the track, followed by additional vocal and percussive textures that keep the last half from feeling too repetitive, yet not sounding overblown. Mayer finds himself in a more intimate setting on “Emoji Of A Wave.” A sparse acoustic guitar and keyboard track with strings weaved in during the second half of the track. Here we have Mayer expressing his fears about the emotions he encounters for someone, “Your heart is where my head should be, the dissonance is killing me...It breaks my heart, it breaks my heart.” Sending comforting word to this significant other, with the addition of the gorgeous backing vocals over the hook, the song gives the feeling of reconciliation or in other words, it is what it is. This is followed by “Helpless,” a track that ups the tempo and allows Mayer to channel his rockstar bad boy songwriting vibes, such as, “The same drink that gets me out the door, is the same drink that puts me on the floor, and the new thing I wanna try some more, is the same mistake I used to make before.”  While the song does offer up a different side of Mayer, unfortunately it's plagued with sounding slightly overproduced, with the various guitar lines that appear throughout and heavy reverb on the drum track.

The EP closes on a similar note to the previous song, “Roll it on Home,”  another blues rock anthem, does not bring anything new to what we expect from John Mayer as far as song structure and lyrical content are concerned. While the first two and a majority of the third track bring a nice blend of solid instrumentation and vocal delivery, the third and last track, while not duds, do not offer anything out of the ordinary. Yet, it’s Mayer’s presence that gives each of the tracks their needed weight. Expect the full 14 track album, The Search For Everything from John Mayer, released in its entirety on April 14th.

Favorite Track(s): “Still Feel Like Your Man”

Least Favorite Track(s): “Roll it on Home”

Rating: 7.5/10


Sam Morgan