A Jaded Attempt At Something Iconic

Santangleo, an NYC based artist, has caught my eye with the release of his debut album A Jaded Attempt of Something Iconic. 

In his journey to be iconic Santangelo’s sound derails from the “norm” within Hip-Hop & R&B. This record has such an array of styles that it wouldn’t be fair to categorize it in one specific genre. In Santangelos’s vulnerable debut album he proves that his attempt to be iconic will not go unnoticed. His skill in writing amazes me; each song takes you into a glimpse of an emotion in which the listener can relate. His skill to switch between singing and being an M.C is remarkable. Santangelo can sing a beautiful ballad on the Like Flies but then easily can rap over a trap inspired beat on Nihlist.

His skill and talent know no bounds. Be on the lookout because this style will eventually become the norm within Hip-Hop & R&B.

My 3 Favorite Songs From This Album:

1.     Nihlist

2.     Like Flies (VOCALS)

3.     Rest in Pink


You can stream or buy A Jaded Attempt At Something Iconic everywhere.