Is Zayn the Next R&B King?

(Before The Album Release)

Zayn is thriving and soaring since leaving One Direction. Zayn leaving One Direction was probably a smart career move and a great move to improve his image as well. Zayn's personal aesthetic did not really fit the "One Direction brand" in a way. When I think of 1D I usually think of their fans. Their fans (in my eyes) range from elementary school girls to probably high school students (boys & girls). Zayn was seen as the "bad boy" of the group; which I don't understand why people would assume/state that accusation?

Since leaving 1D Zayn has released two singles off his upcoming debut album. His debut album “Mind of Mine” comes out this month and I'm ready to buy it. The first single was called "Pillowtalk" an amazing pop song with an R&B vibe that is filled with VOCALS. Then "It's You" kills me with the high notes. Zayn is coming for careers and I'm ready. He already has remixes with other R&B icons such as Usher & Chris Brown. So I can only imagine the features on his debut album. It is rumored that Zayn is working with Drake and the OVO team for some of the production on this album. I think that rumor is false but we’ll see once this masterpiece is released.

(After the album release)

Zayn’s vocal range is in the same category as the other R&B legends. Such as Usher, Justin Timberlake, and R.Kelly. Zayn’s recent album release proved that he will be an R&B king. His album “Mind of Mine” is simply perfect. The writing, the production, and the vocals make this album a beautiful debut album. The album has a blend of vocal riffs, organic instruments, and synthetic beats. All of those blended perfectly. This album starts out with a very vocalized intro than flows into his three pre-released singles, “Pillowtalk” ,”It’s You”, and “Befour”. Next song is “She” which is my second favorite song on this album, this song talks about a girl that wants to be loved (but doesn’t everyone).  I love the outro the best because flows perfectly into “Drunk”.

“Drunk” is my favorite off this album it has good writing, along with an excellent production, and a song filled with high notes and vocals and a catchy chorus to go along with it. My third favorite song is “Take It Off (TiO)” this is a bop. The way I interpret this song is that Zayn wants to be in a state in vulnerability with a girl. He doesn’t just talking about taking clothes off its deeper than that. 

Zayn’s album exceeded my expectations of a debut album. From the speculated rumors of collaborations with many different artists I’m glad that didn’t happen. I like how this album is what Zayn wants to say and how he feels. While being in One Direction I bet it was difficult to have an R&B type song and break away from the “boy band aesthetic”. This album did not need any collabs but Zayn managed to hold his own style throughout this album, and I was afraid that if there too many collaborations I wouldn’t have gotten a chance to see Zayn’s true potential as a solo artist.