I Fell Asleep At The Rodeo

I can already feel the eye rolls from the people I told I didn't like Travis Scott's Rodeo. For the people who know me personally you can @ me an "I told you so" in the comments. 

But I've been a fan of Travis since last year when @xosimmy put me on to him. I loved Days Before Rodeo with Sloppy Toppy being my favorite song off that tape. I even saw Travis perform mamacita live and got baptized by his water bottle with @xosimmy. But when rodeo came out I didn't like it. I was let down. I felt like rodeo was going to be more hyped, and more like the pervious mixtapes, but Travis took a more lowkey and chill vibe with his album. At the time I wasn't feeling it, because from the hype this album was supposedly rumored to be a banger with all hype jams. 

During the stress and anxiety of finals week I decided to seek out "new" or music I was foolish to sleep on as a distraction. I've had Rodeo in my library since its release. Listened to it about three times during its release period and didn't like it. So this week I decided to give it a chance once more. This time around I was really feeling this album. I loved the vibe, the production, and overall flow to this album. It was just what I needed. I needed to take a break from Lemonade & Views. Those are the only two albums I've been listening to for about two weeks. Rodeo has a pretty decent production and in Summer of 2015 I only enjoyed the singles off that album which were 3500 (feat Future & 2 Chainz) and Antidote. But my new favorite is “Maria I’m Drunk (feat. Justin Bieber & Young Thug). But overall Travis learned a lot from being mentored by Kanye West and I can clearly hear it his music.