REVIEW: infinite bisous // Period

Infinite bisous is back with their latest light and dreamy album, Period.

Period is the perfect sound for when you’re spacing out in your bedroom at two in the morning. Every track is soothing and warm, wrapping around your ears and lulling you into daydreams.

Even though a lot of the songs seem minimalistic, it’s obvious delicate care was taken when producing each track. There’s no awkward beats or needless noise. Songs like “Island” and “The Dishes” have such clear-cut and simple rhythms but are still well throughout and notable.

The lyrics on this record are ambiguous and meager but it works favorably. The beats are so otherworldly and peculiar, lyrics aren't needed to explain the song’s meaning or tone. “In front of you/In bed with you/In love with you/This is the night I realize/I'd die for you” in “@ home” tells you everything you could possibly need to know to enjoy the song.

The twangy, distorted guitar in tracks like “Importance” and “Charnwood” is so unique and individual, they stand out as the best songs on the album.

The whole record feels like a 37-minute long lullaby. However, the overall sound is kind of sluggish and lethargic so it would have been better to have a shorter tracklist. All the songs transition seamlessly into each other so it starts to feel endless after a while, leaving you to zone out towards the end of the record.

Every single track makes you want to float off into space and become one with the stars. It’s hypnotic, tranquilizing and gentle, making Period the ultimate stress reliever.

Rating: 8/10

- Bridget McGuigan