Albums I'm Hyped For in 2016

2016 is going to be lit. Almost all of my favorite artists will be releasing a new project this year, whether it’s an album, mixtape, or EP, these artists are releasing a body of work that I am preparing myself for. 

Kanye West has already tweeted that his new album SWISH will be released on February 11, 2016.  I am excited for SWISH but I also have no idea what this album will sound like. He stated earlier in 2015 that it was co-produced by Sir Paul McCartney after being featured on FourFiveSeconds (feat Rihanna, Kanye West, and Paul McCartney), many speculated that it was going to be an indie alternative genre oriented album. But then Wolves happened, Kanye performed Wolves on SNL, I thought Wolves was 10/10 but Yeezy didn’t even release a CDQ version of the song, so rude I know. After his live performance of Wolves, Kanye released All Day as a single. All Day was a repetitive bop. Personally I would’ve wanted to see Wolves as a single rather than All Day, but we all can’t get what we want. During these live performances on the Grammys, SNL, and promo for this mysterious album, I thought SWISH was going be released last year but sadly it did not. But I am glad it wasn’t dropped or released prematurely. An artist at Kanye’s stature deserves to take his time. I am set on the idea that SWISH will be fire and probably have a different sound that will be categorized as “ahead of its time” just like his pervious album Yeezus was in 2013. 

Drake is dropping hints that his next album, Views From The 6, will be dropped in 2016. I am not ready for Views. I really do not want more Drake. Drake released If You’re Reading This Its Too Late last February and then after releasing that beautiful mixtape he later released songs throughout the summer and also a Grammy nominated diss track towards Meek Mill. After the summer ended Drake & Future came out with a collab mixtape. I feel like Views should not be rushed and him and his producers should take their time with this masterpiece.


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Sometime in January Tinashe is releasing her second studio album Joyride, and I am more than excited. Last year she blessed me with Aquarius, and then a couple months later she dropped a mixtape called AmethystAmethyst is one of my favorite mixtapes ever; I thought that tape was amazing. It had beautiful production and the writing was phenomenal. I recommend downloading it and give it a listen. In the beginning of the fall she released  Player (feat Chris Brown), it was a cute stereotypical radio single. I enjoyed her other single Party Favors (feat Young Thug) better. But I should not and will not judge her album based on singles. I know her album will disappoint me and I am eagerly waiting for the release.

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Miss Rihanna …where do I even start? Why did she tease me throughout 2015?? Was there a reason for it? Probably to boost her sales, and I think it will work when her album is released. Throughout 2015 Rihanna has been hinting at a release to her eighth studio album formally known as “R8” but she has recently renamed it ANTI and released cover art for it. In the beginning of 2015 Rihanna, Kanye West, and Paul McCartney released FourFiveSeconds which has been formally documented as Riri’s “first” single for ANTI. So naturally I assumed that Rihanna was going to release her eighth studio album last year. In March 2015, Rihanna released Bitch Better Have My Money as a single. It was a club banger with lyrics that everyone can relate to. She later released her music video for it in June. But even with all those singles Rihanna has been busy with her animated movie role and her investment within fashion. From being the creative director at Puma, to being the face of Dior, I remained patient. I knew she was busy but sis…don’t tease album release dates.  What I mean by teasing album release dates is announcing a world tour with no album out, giving vague release dates, and having the Navy (Rihanna’s fan base) spread release date rumors. But hopefully ANTI will be released this year.

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Another rumor that is circulating around is that Beyoncé & Jay-Z are going to release a joint album together. I am a huge fan of both of them but I refuse to let this rumor get my hopes up for something that might not happen. In my opinion, I don’t think the power couple will release a joint album in 2016. When they make an official release that’s when I will hype myself up for this project but other than that I will remain in my lane.

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Today is July 196th and still no Frank Ocean album. I have given up hope that he will release his album in 2016 but if he does I will buy it because Channel Orange is one of my favorite albums of all time and I expect no less from this next upcoming project.

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These were just a few albums I’m preparing myself for in 2016. Leave a comment of the album(s) your excited to hear in 2016!

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