Top 5 Comedies Accompanied With Songs That Fits Their Persona

Comedies Bring Out Banging Hits That Continue The Laughter After the Script Has Ended, Here Are My Top 5 Comedies and The Song That Fits Their Persona Like a Little Glove: 

Written By: Emily Brosier

Everyone that knows me understands that I have a Seth Rogen obsession. His picture is my phone background and soon-to-be ass tattoo, I watch his interviews on youtube religiously, and that laugh, oh boy oh boy, that laugh makes me swoon. When I watch his films, I find myself discovering new songs that make a solid addition to any type of playlist. It’s the connection of the song to the movie that almost adds an extension to the comedic gold, and boosts the crush into a higher level. I have songs scattered around my Spotify of Seth Rogen movie tunes, but recently I’ve realized that so many other songs that I have saved happen to be from other comedies as well. And so, in this playlist I have compiled a list of my favorite comedies (movies, T.V shows, stand-up and sitcoms) along with their corresponding song. Some of the songs were pulled from the comedy itself, while others are songs I feel fit the comedic aesthetic the show or movie is working toward, even if the song isn’t nearly as humours as the production that it relates to. 

Comedy: Pineapple Express

Song: Electric Avenue by Eddy Grant 

Electric Avenue by Eddy Grant is the opening track for the film, but it gets repeated throughout the movie in little car rides, segments of conversation, and the final over-the-top battle of the drug cartel. Electric Avenue is the signature song of the movie, with lyrics placing emphasis on working to “take it higher,” and “Who is to blame in one country/ Never can get to the one/ Dealin' in multiplication/ And they still can't feed everyone, oh no,” which summarizes the character’s struggle with drug dealing, which is basically the entire plot of the film. The groovy and reggae style beats of the song is repetitive enough to captive your body into a slow bop while cultivating the colder and realistic lyrics that Grant is preaching.  

Comedy: Broad City

Song: Let ‘Em Say by Lizzo and Caroline Smith

Broad City is the feminist, sometimes-overly-graphic, comedy that recently concluded on Comedy Central. Starring comedian Ilana Glazer and artist Abbi Jacobson, the show was centered around the two New Yorker’s sporadic and wild adventures in the city while they navigate the day to day struggle of young-adulthood. When thinking about the religious icon Lilith, who was known for causing wet dreams in younger men, specifically in Judaism (and she was known for much more as well), I can find similar trends in their girl power (and Jewish-girl-swag) in Lillith and the two Broad City gals. And well, Lizzo and Lilith are similar in that way too, they’re both bad-bitches who aren’t making any sacrifices for men.  “Let ‘Em Say” is a staple of the show for this reason because it is all about owning your body and what others say about you, just like the legend of Lillith. 

Comedy: Baskets

Song: No Depression by Bahamas 

Zack Galifinakis is another one of my celebrity crushes, and in his show, Baskets, his typical dark, and awkward humor shines through. The plot of the show is centered around his character’s struggle in the professional clown industry and his family’s struggling family rodeo. The song No Depression by Bahamas fits well with the script of the show by both poking fun at the depressing nature of Chip Basket’s failing career, while also carrying the same whimsical and charming tune the show delivers. 

Comedy: The Amazing Jonathan Documentary

Song: Something Big by Bert

If you have yet to watch this documentary about dying magician and comedian, The Amazing Jonathan, do it. Before watching, I had never heard of The Amazing Johnathan before, probably because I was born in 98’ and his career peak was in the late 80’s and early 90’s. But, regardless of my knowledge, the Hulu documentary was so confusing and blatant, that it has been one of the best comedies I have seen lately. Not to give too much of the plot away, but at one point the viewer watches Jonathan smoke Meth. Not to mention mid-movie, he makes a deal with another director-producer to also shoot a documentary at the same time, and the two film crews get into very awkward brawls. The song Something Big was played during the credits, and every time I hear it, I can’t help by relive the meth scene and chuckle. 

Comedy: Malcolm in The Middle

Song: Feel Good Inc. by The Gorillaz

Malcolm in The Middle is a punk-late 90’s-sitcom filled with family turmoil, angry middle child syndrome and comedic moments of failure. The show is centered around a lower-income family and their very difficult children. I chose Feel Good Inc. by The Gorillaz as my corresponding song to this sitcom because of the harsh and steady beat of the song reflecting the characters harsh and steady fucked-up life choices. I think that the rhythmic style of the song reflects Malcolm in The Middle well because it carries the same weight and the same general aesthetic. 

So, there ya have it! My top 5 favorite comedies at the moment and the songs I think go best with them. If you haven’t seen these shows yet, check them out! All of them (except Pineapple Express) are currently available on Hulu, and all of the songs are available on Spotify!