RCA’s mystery artist H.E.R released a self titled EP. Nobody knows much about H.E.R. She doesn’t even show her face on the album cover let alone her social media links. RCA’s approach of having a “mystery” artist is quite fascinating. They had no promo with her. Nobody knew she was even signed. Knowing that this is a big label they’ve probably been cooking this project up for a while. The execution for her career was pretty clever. Usually labels spend thousands of dollars investing in promo, radio play and interviews to unveil a new artist. While in this case RCA just had celebrities who are VERY respected within the genre of R&B to promote this album on social media. I actually heard about this project from Alicia Keys’ tweet.

H.E.R embodies classic R&B traits into a modern day classic. She samples Aaliyah and pays homage to Floetry on this project. Even though this EP is a preview of what she has to offer I think its one of the best R&B projects of 2016. It reminds me of TWENTY88 (which is slept on btw), the way the production is set up and how this EP has a theme. The opening song “Losing” is a beautiful dark twisted poem. This song makes you feel like you’re lost in a sea of emotions.

This project is filled with a heavy cryptic vibe combined with angelic vocals. Even though the vibe is dark and mysterious the tracks aren’t gloomy. The record is filled with love and honesty. H.E.R’s feelings are emphasized heavily in each track. On the track Focus it sounds like the beat was sampled from The Legend of Zelda and then accompanied with a deep echoing background vocal and I fuck with it heavy. Her cover of Jungle brings Drake’s saddest song to life with a tune up on the production and powerful vocals.

I’m excited to see what comes from H.E.R. I love listening to this angel that sings from the shadows. I love the dark vibe within this E.P, I love her voice, her flow, her everything. This is only Volume 1 and I'm thirsting for more. 

My Favorite Tracks: Wait For It, Pigment, & Losing. 

You can stream the E.P on Spotify and its also up for free on her Soundcloud