Currently I'm on a beach in some small town in Florida listening to Blonde by Frank Ocean. While listening I decided to write down my first impressions of each track.


Not feeling the high pitched tone but I love the writing and production. "I'm not him but I mean something to you" has me messed up and it's just the first song. In other words I'm SHOOK.


Not as good as Nikes but the lyrics are deep and filled with metaphors.


Pink + White:

This song is smooth, relaxing, and comforting. There’s a Beyoncé feature in this song and her vocals have background vocals. This song is bringing me to tears, it's simply beautiful.


Be Yourself:

“Don’t try to be someone else, be yourself”.



The vocals in this song have me weak, especially the outro damn.


Skyline To:

This Frank & Kendrick collab is touching my soul right now. Favorite line “that’s a pretty fucking fast year flew by”.


Self Control:

“Keep a place for me, I’ll sleep between y’all like its nothing.” This song is so sad, imagine missing someone so much that you’ll metaphorically sleep between them and their new partner.


Good Guy:

I fell in love in NY once Frank, I get it.



This song is not as sad as the last two before and its cute. It’s bubbly and I am in love with the bridge. The guitar rift is dope and the change of beat took me off guard. This is probably going to be one of my favorite songs on the album.


Solo (Reprise)

This Andre 3000 verse WOAH. This interlude has no flaws.


Pretty Sweet:

I’m not questioning this song its dope and I’m here for it.


Facebook Story:

Ending a relationship over petty jealousy, crazy.


Close To You:

“I will be honest, I wasn’t devastated, but you could’ve held my hand through this, baby.” That line hit my soul. How is someone gonna break his heart like this?? Out of the blue? Neither an explanation nor talking it out; nobody deserves that.


White Ferrari:

Only one word comes to mind when listening to this and its: vulnerable.



“I’d do anything for you.” Powerful emotions. Powerful poetry.



I’m in tears wow. He has so much love for the person who hurt him. “I’ll always love you.”


Futura Free:

Frank is super humble about the fact he’s getting paid for music and it’s cute.


After its first listen I'm going to say this album was worth its hype.  An actual review of Blonde will be up by Monday.