The King of the Fall

The Weeknd has returned with two new singles for his upcoming album Starboy.

His lead single Starboy dropped earlier last week, the Toronto bred singer teamed up with Daft Punk to create some funky dark twisted track. This single is supposed mark a new era within his sound and image.

The second single “False Alarm” was released this morning. This song has a completely different sound from what The Weeknd usually releases. Its has a grungy synth-pop sound to it. The lyrics are still dark but the hook beat drop might turn some people away, but I kind of dig it. It reminds me of a song off a horror move sountrack. False Alarm will be available on September 30th. 

This marketing strategy of dropping two singles back to back for an album that comes out in two months is odd but it creates attention and buzz in the meantime. The Weeknd’s album Starboy is set to drop November 25, 2016.