Frank Ocean's Endless Games

I stopped believing in him, I doubted him, but he proved me wrong. I apologize Frank but these games you played when it came to your official release was wild. Late last night Frank Ocean’s month long live stream was given life. He released the visual to his album “Boys Don’t Cry”, but his team states that his visual “Endless” and the album are two separate projects. Right now I’m going to talk about the music from Endless and when his album releases I’ll give you my thoughts on that as well.

Endless begins with his cover to Aaliyah’s “At Your Best (You Are Love)” which is a beautiful R&B love ballad. Both the original and Frank’s cover are filled with raw vocals and emotions. Even though this cover was released last year it was nice to hear it incorporated within this project. The music in Endless sounds nothing like Channel Orange, which is a relief. I was looking forward to a new sound and Frank delivered. I would’ve been disappointed if I waited four years for a Channel Orange part two. I am obsessed with his sound on this project.

His voice accompanied with the production on this project is very hypnotic, almost as though I’m being put into a trance. Listening to Endless I get visuals of my life and my perspective through these songs. Each of songs is different. The project jumps from raw vocals on a piano to having his pitch altered on a murky beat. After his Aaliyah cover he has about three interludes that flow into each other; each one is less than one minute but manages to cover the theme of the project. The production is extremely detailed and can be compared to the work of FKA Twigs. Each transition is smooth and executed flawlessly. My favorite the U-N-I-T-Y sample from Queen Latifah used in this project. Endless sounds like Frank took 90s R&B/Hip-Hop and blended it into his own unique sound.

I don’t think that Endless was worth all these fake release dates, pushing back release dates, and having fans freak out. It was a refreshing listen and I enjoyed it. I love the carefree vibe that it gave. Just Frank singing his emotions and thoughts in a free flowing manor but Endless lacks writing to me. It’s mostly instrumentals and interludes. I can’t judge this entire release as a whole because his album is not out yet. An Apple Music representative says his album will be releasing this weekend. Frank has created all this hype around his sophomore release and I hope the album lives up to it.