OVO's Latest Signees are Bringing a New Wave of Sound

OVO’s latest signees just released their debut album. For those who don’t about know this group I previously wrote about them in December and you check out that article here. But here is a quick summary for those are too lazy to click the link. DVSN (pronounced division) are a Toronto bred R&B group that is divided up into a lead vocalist (Daniel Daley) and production team (Nineteen85).  They were recently signed to Drake’s label “OVO” about a few months ago.

Their debut album SEPT.5th is a beautiful blend of vocals, ahead of its time production, and captivating lyrics. The album also has the four songs they released on their soundcloud before the album was released, they are “With Me”, “Too Deep”, “The Line” & “Hallucinations”. Each of those songs provide their own 90s R&B vibe. This album feels almost heavily Aaliyah inspired on how the writing, production, and vocals all tie together to create a beautiful piece of work.  Most of their backing vocals are accompanied by a church choir, which I think is very creative and supports the lead vocals perfectly.

My favorite track on this record is “Do It Well”. The lyrics never fail to put me in my feels, but in a good way. The chorus and high notes are what really attract me to this song compared to the others. This song just has a simple meaning which is basically being in love. “The Line” is my second favorite song. This track is seven minutes of pure bliss. The vocals, lyrics, and outro are FLAWLESS. This song can put anyone in their feels, and think about an ex (even if you’ve never had one). The outro is my favorite part; I am in love with the choir in the background, the endless rifts, and change in production. 

For a debut album I think that DVSN is setting the bar high for R&B. They came bringing a new wave of sound that is not comparable to anyone else in the industry.Their music has a distinct style that cannot be copied. Unlike other R&B artists that try to mimic styles from others, DVSN manages to keep a sense of individuality within their music.  Even when compared to their label-mates PartyNextDoor, Roy Woods, and Majid Jordan their sound is nothing like theirs. OVO manages to sign artists that bring their own sound, style, and aesthetic. DVSN is bring a new wave to R&B and I’m ready to witness the change.


If you want to listen to this album you can either buy it or stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, & Tidal.