TRACK REVIEW: Frank Ocean - Chanel

Frank Ocean treated the public with a new single released through his Blonded Radio show on Apple Music. Chanel sees Frank effortlessly flowing between singing and rapping, reflecting on various topics such as, his bisexuality, “My guy pretty like a girl and he got fight stories to tell, I see both sides like Chanel...see on both sides like Chanel.” Past sexual encounters, “In the pink like Killa Cam, put a zoom on that stick, Noé, up so close I'm on that kill, remote controller on your lower back...yes the good...dick could roll the eyes back in the skull.” And of course, his newly amassed fortune off the release of his critically acclaimed 2nd studio album of his new independent label, “My pockets snug...they can't hold my 7, they banned my Visa, my Amex and Mastercards.” All of this is captured over moving ambient piano chords, swirling background synths and strings, alongside sparse percussion, resulting in a sincere, blue sky,  summer sunrise aesthetic to the track. Check it out below.

 - Sam Morgan