My Darling Black Unity

We as black people wander with oblivious gazes,

In the midst of interior and exterior controversies,

Gradually losing our individuality,

Because of our cowardliness,

And a newborn need to impress the rest of society.


It’'s like we endeavor thoroughly and ambitiously,

To demolish what makes us who we are-

That nappy hair that defies gravity,

That sun ray- saturated melanin skin

Those big lips, that broad nose, those vast hips,

The outstanding sublimity one can never miss,

To transform into meaningless figures,

And leave vacant, the unique space on this earth we were given.


And that is why I so solemnly mourn the death of black unity.

The one that existed centuries ago,

Before our ancestors were sadistically evicted from our home,

Before our warm, legendary commonalities turned so cold,

Before tragically the oppressors ripped our souls.

But in the clutter of these dark restless clouds,

There is still faint glimpses of hope,

That my darling black unity has a chance of resurrecting.


like Jesus did on that blissful sunday,

She has the ability of re-incarnating

As power, strength, and illumination-

When we diminish the ironic,

Self-inflicted hatred we so tragically accomplished.

When we dust our minds of the contagious slave mentality,

We subconsciously, yet still consciously hold dearly.

When beauty is not centralized on certain qualities,

But generalized to fit everybody.

When in her grave, black unity can no longer hear us argue

About our the distinct shades

And which one we should value,

But emphasize the fact that

Whether light skinned or dark skinned,

We’re all black, and equal.

When we feed a cold shoulder to the oppressors

Who corruptly, and slyly, aim to destroy us

Deteriorate us,

and define what beauty is for us.

When you know you do not need to fix your “edges”,

As it is one of their flimflamming beauty theories,

That places in our souls,

Prints of distress and worry.


When we realize that we are facing vital exterior threats-

The injustice, racism, and police brutality,

And analyze that love and respect for each other,

Is what we should prioritize.

That our merged voices,

Is the only weapon we should utilize.

That we need to step out of our self-insecurities,

Merit all our attributes,

And move to a level of higher awareness.

When we know we are a strong united force,

When we protect our eminent titanic clan,

Is when my darling black unity,

will resurrect.