My Thoughts on Beyoncé's Lemonade

It's been a week since I've had a taste of Lemonade and wow. For those who haven't heard, Beyoncé released an HBO Film and album called "LEMONADE" on April 23, 2016. Fans have been anticipating an album from Beyoncé since she released her single "Formation" about two months ago. Then after her super bowl performance and Formation Tour announcement, the hype for a new Queen Bey album became at an all time high.  

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Beyoncé's visuals on Lemonade are simply breathtaking. Her skill as a multitalented artist was definitely shown throughout this project. From the visuals and music I could tell Beyoncé had full creative control of Lemonade. Lemonade is raw, she holds nothing back. She put her (or her mothers) relationship issues on a 12 track masterpiece. Each track tells a story and has a purpose for being there. From what I've seen & heard it looks like Beyoncé has been repressing these feelings for a while and this project was her outlet to express them. Throughout her musical career there have been NUMEROUS rumors about her and her husband Jay-Z getting divorced, especially after the MET Gala incident of 2014. But this project will definitely ignite those rumors and speculations again.


Lemonade tells the story of being cheated on and lied to from the person you’re in love with. Beyoncé portrays vulnerable emotions about someone’s experience of being cheated on. The first half of the album is filled with rage, anger, and resentment towards the person that hurt her. While progressing through the album, it becomes about healing and forgiveness. She eventually forgives the person that hurt her. While Lemonade focuses on the marital struggles of the world’s most famous couple, it has many different scenes of powerful symbolism. Beyoncé brings the issues of police brutality, betrayal, and racial empowerment throughout the Lemonade. 

I respect how Beyoncé tries to constantly out do herself as well as other artists within in the industry. Everyone was wondering how she was going to surpass her previous record "BEYONCÉ" which was a surprise visual album, but she managed to. When compared to Beyoncé's previous albums this one is the most changed. The entire formula of an album was changed for this project. It doesn't feel like a bunch of songs recorded and put together for sales but it almost feels like an audio book and telling the story of someone's crumbling relationship. 

Lemonade managed to adapt multiple styles and genres of music into one album. The album goes from reggae, indie rock, hip-hop, and country. This album has a blend for everyone. The lyrics are very specific and describe the stages of being in love. This is an album that everyone can relate too, and enjoy. She opens up about her relationship through her art and shows us her feelings through the visuals. I think this album is liberating and freeing. It has too many emotions and feelings that resinate with a person after listening. Each time you listen to Lemonade you grow and understand that the music industry is evolving into a more personal and liberating sound. Artists are breaking away from the barrier of just being a generic chart-topping success, but rather focus on the art and release what they want. 

Bey’s Formation Tour starts this week and I’m really excited to see how she’s going to implement these songs and visuals from Lemonade into her performances.


My Top 5 Favorite Songs From Lemonade

1.     HOLD UP

2.     6 INCH (feat. The Weeknd)




5.     FREEDOM (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

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