How The BEYONCÉ Album Changed The Game

Two years ago on December 13, 2015. Beyoncé dropped an album that changed the way artists release their music.

Beyoncé recorded this album in secret. She had no promotion, no leaked songs, nothing. Beyoncé managed to keep this project very secretive while being on tour, performing at the Super Bowl, performing at the president’s inauguration, and being a mother and wife, and much more. I thought this was absolutely inhuman how she managed her time and energy into a recording a beautiful LP but still gave 100%+ on tour and the other projects she did during 2013.

The BEYONCÉ album was a visual album containing 14 songs and 18 music videos. On midnight of December 13, 2013 after performing a show in Boston, Beyoncé released her album with a video captioned Surprise! on Instagram. Within seconds the iTunes store was ONLY Beyoncé. She took over iTunes for the entire day. Her album sold 828,773 copies worldwide in three days, becoming the fastest-selling album in the history of the iTunes Store. As of November 2014 it has sold 5 million copies worldwide. It was ranked one of the best albums of the year and also bestowed the honor of being one of the best albums of the decade. 

Beyoncé's marketing strategy when releasing this album was genius. She wanted to get her music directly to her fans without any third party or media influence involved. After she released this album other successful and big named artists decided to mimic her marketing strategy. Record labels and PR agents made the decision to cut spending on marketing music. Beyoncé was not the first artist to do execute this tactic but hers did set a standard of how music gets released. Not every album released after BEYONCÉ was a surprise but artists did leave a short window of time from the announcement of their album and the actual release date.

Since this release artists that use less marketing strategies tend to sell more albums. Surprising fans with unexpected new music is a genius method to attract sales and publicity. Less promotion and marketing has allowed artists to keep a sense of privacy when it comes to their music.

So this method of marketing is beneficial to everyone. Unless you’re a fan that needs to know everything about their fav then I guess you can blame Bey for your fav’s lack of promo.


If you've never listened to this album, these are my favorite songs that I think you would enjoy also! 

1.       Mine (feat Drake).

2.      Partition

3.      ***Flawless (feat.Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie)

4.      Haunted

5.      No Angel

You can also listen to the album here on Spotify and watch the music videos on Beyoncé's Youtube Channel.