Top Underrated Drake Songs

Back with another Drake article it’s your Drake enthusiast—me. And no, contrary to your expectations, this is not a More Life review. I don’t believe in those things anyway. Recently, it was revealed that Drake has been on The Billboard Hot 100 for a record of eight straight years. Which means his music hasn’t stopped charting since 2009, when he first showed up on the charts with “Best I Ever Had.” Talk about a legend, but let me not be biased or whatever.

But this article is not about Drake’s top hits, either. It’s actually about the songs that the Canadian rapper released that were masterpieces, but went unnoticed and unappreciated. To some, these might be new and exclusive while others might have heard it time ago. Either way, never hurts to have a throwback Drake songs sesh, trust. Here are some of his underrated (probably forgotten) songs that I, personally, LOVE. You should give them a listen, pun intended.


1. “Going In For Life” - Comeback Season

Quick history: Comeback Season was only Drake’s second mixtape that was released in 2007, two years before his initial blow-up. Now, most fans really only remember “Replacement Girl” off this tape—mostly because of the Trey Songs feature—but this gem right here is two minutes of Drake going off over the smoothest of instrumentals. When I say bars for days, I mean it. Listen for yourselves.

“She used to be a Christian before, now all she wanna do is shop for Christian Dior clothes. Like baby those are cute, I adore those…”

Song samples “Intimate Friends” by Eddie Kendricks. 


2. “Where To Now” - Comeback Season

Okay, so initially I wasn’t going to put this song on the list but it really has some great rapping and not only that, Aubrey kind of proved that he is psychic?

Drake, on a song he recorded in 2007: “And if ’09 is when Imma see mine, being cool ain’t enough homie Imma freeze time like this…”

Imagine predicting your future? These other rappers can’t relate.

Samples “Time: The Donut of the Heart” by J Dilla.


3. “Little Bit” Feat. Lykke Li - So Far Gone

The most underrated song on SFG and one of Drake’s most experimental sounds, for sure. It’s a direct cover of the same titled song by Lykke Li, but her and Drake together sound phenomenal in this version. One of my favorites off So Far Gone, I actually relate to it heavily.

“And as for you…I think I know you’re the one, the closest I’ve come… I'm probably a little bit in love with you.”


4. “Something”

Although not from any of his official projects, this song was leaked post So Far Gone. It doesn’t sound official, but still is a touchy, peak R&B, in your feels, Drake track. Add it to your sad girl/boy playlist, you won’t regret it.

“Should’ve known better than to think…this is real, and you could be mine.”


5. “Fear” - So Far Gone

This song was dropped on the OG blog ( before SFG hit iTunes. One of them ones that make lame fans say, “I miss this Drake!!!!” Well, there is nothing to miss. Listen to “Lose You” off More Life, issa full circle.

“And every time I try, it opens up my eyes. These verse are a chance to be remembered and reprised. And I would be performing this as long as I’m alive, so every word I utter will be mine.”


6. “Paris Morton Music”

Remix or as we like to call it, the ‘Drake only version’ of Rick Ross’ song “Ashton Martin Music.” Drake actually is on the song with Ross, but only for the hook. In this song, he spits some of the greatest bars in addition to the hook. Recently saw a tweet praising what he did on this track, so at least people are hearing it—even if it’s seven years later.

“And no I’m not saying I’m the nicest, I just live life like it. It take a certain type of man to teach, to be far from the hood but understand the streets.”

Also, way better than the sequel that was on Nothing Was The Same.

Fun Fact: Paris Morton is an actual girl Drake dated, who has a tattoo on her ribs that says, “Live In The Moment,” listen to the song to know why that’s important ;)


7. “I Get Lonely Too”

2011 is often labeled as the prime year of Drake—mostly because he dropped everybody’s beloved album, Take Care. But what they don’t know, is that he dropped some of the best songs before he even released that album, for free! “I Get Lonely Too” was originally supposed to be a part of an R&B mixtape that Drake was planning to drop before the release of Take Care. It was going to be called It’s Never Enough with production by 40, but was scrapped later on when Drake explained that he would rather concentrate on the album. This still needs to happen, btw *side eyes Drake & 40*

Back to the song, it samples “Fanmail” by TLC and will sure as hell get you in all your feels.

I’m listening to it right now and missing the boo I don’t even have.

“Waited on you for so long, too many days since January…”


8. “Dreams Money Can Buy”

Before I say anything else, let me say this: TOP 5 DRAKE SONGS, PLEASE DO NOT DEBATE ME. Having said that, let me now tell you why. “DMCB” was also a surprise drop on the blog back in 2011 prior to the release of Take Care. Drake described it as, “A piece of his story,” but not his single. To this day, fans are upset that this masterpiece doesn’t belong to an official project. Would have been a great bonus track for Take Care, in my opinion.

Samples Jai Paul’s “BTSTU,” which is flipped repeatedly in the background with the ghost of his voice going, “don’t fuck with me.” 10/10 for production (shoutout 40), 10/10 for bars, 10/10 for the way it was dropped. Real scary hours back in 2011, I feel nostalgic just listening to this song now. Undoubtedly, this is one of my favorite Drake songs ever.

Too many amazing lines to quote but here’s one: “And they tryna bring us down: me, Weezy & Stunna. We stayed up, Christmans lights in the middle of summer. And if the girl standing next to me got a fat asssssssssss, then I’ll probably give her my number.”


9. “Free Spirit” feat. Rick Ross

Part of the 2011 ‘Care Package’ that was dropped along with “Club Paradise,” and also began the tradition of dropping a series of songs before actual albums for Drake. This song really is legendary. Of course Drake and Ross have amazing, iconic verses, but this song also started the “so I know it’s real,” phrase that we still see people using.

Listen to it, so I know it’s real.

“New flows I got new flows, rap is stress but it pays great. Pimp flows and screw flows, my shit is sounding like grey tapes.”


10. “Girls Love Beyoncé” feat. James Fauntleroy

You’ve definitely heard this before, but if you haven’t, you better get to it now. A true gem Drake released before Nothing Was The Same, it’s him singing flawlessly about Beyoncé and commitment issues. Oh, and he samples “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child. What a perfect combination, if I do say so myself.

“I need someone I leave through the front door cause we don’t wanna hide no more, plus you’re not shy no more. Neither of us wanna play the side no more.”


11. “5 AM in Toronto”

I still remember this dropped right after the 2013 MTV Hottest MC’s list came out where Drake, to everybody’s surprise, was ranked at No. 5. Obviously, man like Aubrey had to prove the majority wrong. This dropped and it was reaaaaaal quiet back at MTV. Based on these lethal bars, clearly he is top 2 and he is not 2.

“A lot of n*ggas PR stuntin like that’s the movement, and I’m the only n*gga still known for the music. I swear, fuck them n*ggas this year, I made Forbes List n*gga, fuck your list everything’s looking gorgeous.”


12. “Star67” - If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late

If you’ve ever had a conversation with me about Drake albums, you know I always say it’s a close call between IYRTITL and NWTS for the top spot. I have debates for both of those projects but that’s a whole another article. This song though, is the most underrated off the 2015 mixtape. Lil Wayne’s classic voice note as the intro, the storytelling, and the beat switch—it is such overlooked greatness. Always wanted to see this performed live as well.

“Brand new beretta, can’t wait to let it go. Walk up in my label like, where the check though? Yeah I said it, wouldn’t dap you with the left ho, shut the fuck up”


13. “My Side” - If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late

Phew, let me get out of my emotional state to write this one. This very, very, very sad song was part of the bonus tracks in the physical copies of the mixtape. I really don’t know what else to say about this except…aw man.


"You go up higher than me, somedays. You know what I think we could be, someday…let me at least show you my side of things, man.”


There are a lot more unreleased Drake songs that are equally amazing, these were just a few that stand out to me, personally. I didn’t even notice that this list was so versatile, and reflects Drake’s growth as an artist—proud fan moment. Hope you all enjoy the music, and until next time…take care.



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